Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Doomed MV Princess of the Stars

No, I'll not gonna talk about the latest update about this ill-fated ship nor updates about the fatality. Instead, I'll talk about the number of page views from my photo of the said ship.

Before the tragedy, the number of page views was just around 2,000++, but a day after the news broke, I noticed a sudden surge of views, a 100% increase and five days after, a whopping 479% increase. As of today (28 June 2008, 17:03 Manila Time), it has 11,580 number of views.

Along with the number of views, also came the photo's popularity --> I saw it on YouTube, on a number of blogs, on some european tv news network. Comments also came (including nasty ones on some of the pics from my other photostream), a number of email messages also came, invitations to add as contacts, to join groups etc.

No big deal actually, I'm just happy that a lot of people came to view my pictures. Not to mention the piece of information that I have just shared to everybody.

What I fervently wish is that I hope people will put a little bit of space for the credits, (cause a lot of them never did :-( .. whatever!).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Blogger Template

Probably, one of the next thing that a new blogger must face after setting up his/her new account, aside from the content of course, is on finding ways on how to have the right template that will suit the bloggers personality and on how to have the contents presented.

What I did was googled once again for the available free templates site and was amazed of how plenty they are. It took me several sites and several samples and later on bumped with the site

I was amazed at the available downloadable free templates on the site. And I wasted no time in choosing the best one for me. I settled with their Ads Theme template and after a few hours (upon lots of experimentation on how to modify and set it up), my blog finally is up and running.

What I like about are as follows:
*) Plenty of available free templates. Whether you're from blogspot or from wordpress.
*) The support is considerably good. Courtesy from the members of the community.
*) It offers lots of tips. Especially if you're a newbie like me.
*) Just like what they said: "No BS. Just Free High Quality Blog Templates".

And through this post, I'm awarding the award --> MY PERSONAL CHOICE AWARD!

Note: I'm not affiliated nor paid for in reviewing or recommending the sites, services, and/or the companies that appears on this post.

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