Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My 3 Year Hiatus

Exactly today three years ago, I posted my last blogpost. Can't imagine how time zooms by but upon my quick reflection, a lot of stuffs changed except this blog that has became obsolete and anemic.

I was really ashamed of having this unsuccessful endeavor of mine that I was even thinking of pulling this site in all of its entirety. But lo and behold - my conscience was telling me otherwise. Questions sprung up like what about all those hours spent putting all of those contents? Not to mention sleepless hours tweaking those pages just to appear exactly what I wanted it to.

Even though this blog didn't turned out as I wanted it to be but in my perspective, especially looking back towards some of those post - it gave me a little bit sense of an accomplishment.

What better thing to do than to continue and try another shot of attempting to make it a success!?

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