Friday, August 9, 2013

My Blog & 5 Years After

My Blog and Five Years After

Funny how I see that after more than five (5) long years - I can still see my blog. I've even somewhat forgotten its existence but here it is! No updates, no new posts, no nothing! But yet, I noticed that it still somewhat gathered a few visits (from Lost Cybersouls I guess) and in fact when I did checked my Google AdSense account, it is still active and look what I found....a $1.28 Income !

b. rahi koh Tries Blogging

I imagined that if I took this a lot more seriously, it could probably be in hundreds of dollars more. Also, I Discovered that when you Googled the word "Bisdak Blogger" - it would return at the very top! If only I can monetize this up and devote myself an hour a day of this or probably even a post a week, then this could be a form of a Passive Income for me.

Now, I think I'm up to this Challenge! Follow Me and we'll see where will it leads me.

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