Friday, April 10, 2009

WeekEnd Movie reView: Gutterballs

If you think your weekend is boring, go download this movie and you'll experience one of the nastiest video ever made for the year 2008.

If you haven't seen what a head looked like after being crushed by two bowling balls on each side, what an open head looked like minus the brains, how a bowling pin inserted up a womans crotch and up into a man's ass, that doing 69 can kill you?

Then this video is highly recommended!

Warning! This is not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girl Be Mine by FrancisM

Today, April 6, 2009 marks the 1st Month Death Anniversary of my idol - Francis Michael D. Magalona aka the "King of Pinoy Rap".

Though I can't expect anymore from him some more of his creative outputs but I won't regret for he's already done a lot of job, with the best of his abilities, with the most of his time in expressing himself, spreading his message across the archipelago - with various topics such as nationalism, corruption, poverty, and other relevant social issues. His various works and collaborations with some of the names of the music industry. His personal undertakings like his own production company, his clothing line, etc.

And personally, what counts most is his personal influence on me on music - the love of rap, hip-hop and the OPM.

I was in my elementary then when "Mga Kababayan" was a huge hit. And in our school I was sort of one-minute famous for I was one of the first to introduce to my classmates its famous dance steps esp. the running man.

Hah, soon after that I started to follow him - bought his albums (it was in cassette tapes - can't afford the cd then). Started to act and dress like him.

When I was in High School - Francis released his "Meron Akong Ano!" album and instantly almost memorized the lyrics of all of the songs. I was once again famous (in my batch) - for I dropped rhymes like Francis M. does.

Hehe, not to mention when I was in college, when I was still wooing my girl then. I was convinced that I must learn the guitar - after hearing his song "Girl Be Mine" so that I can use it to make "harana" to her.

What I like about the song is not just the wonderful melody but as well as the lyrics that I can personally relate to - being lonely sometimes especially on rainy days doing nothing just thinking and wishing that the girl I love will eventually be mine. So desperate one time, I was having a bad dream - woke up in the middle of the night & then I weep - like the song said, really...the girl went not to me but to the other guy. But thanks goodness it was only a dream. And just like the song - I also prayed to God that He'll help me win the girl. Luckily, my prayers were answered that until now the girl is still mine till these very years.

Lucky Me!

And thanks for everything Francis. Rap in Peace! I'll never forget you.

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