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Tom Hopkins - America's Number One Sales Trainer

Tom Hopkins - America's #1 Sales Trainer

Tom Hopkins - America's Number 1 Sales Trainer
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Tom Hopkins wasn’t born to wealth and privilege. He lives a life full of struggle. He married early - at 19, with his own family to feed and without good decent job. He worked in construction carrying steel before trying his luck in sales.

Recognizing successful people in real estate who were dressed well and driving nice cars, he decided to pursue this type of career. It took him several attempts to pass his licensing exam before finally succeeded. During that time, real estate was considered an old man's profession.

His next problem was to find somebody who wants to hire him. After several visits from a number of real estate offices around town usually on his way home from his construction job, Tom realized that it was his first impressions he was making that is failing him.

Doing some readjustments and with his continued perseverance, one office manager eventually took pity on him and gave him a job. But he wasn't successful. One day he was invited to attend a three-day sales training seminar with J. Douglas Edwards. Desperate to try to improve his performance he decided to invest his last bit of savings in the program.

Out of it he realized that selling is a learned skill. Inspired by Mr. Edward's training, he became an avid student. He attended seminars, read books on selling and invested in some vinyl records on self-improvement.

Tom applied everything he learned and by the time he turned 27, he was a millionaire salesperson in real estate. He set records that remained unbroken until this century. His last year as a real estate agent, he sold 365 homes—the equivalent of one each day.

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