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Sales Profession: Top 3 Reason Why You Should Consider it

Sales Profession: Top 3 Reason Why You Should Consider it

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"Selling is the Highest-paid Hard Work & the Lowest-paid Easy Work."
Well, I heard it first from Mr. Tom Hopkins, the recognized #1 Sales Trainer in America. The man I credited with making myself more professional and more successful at the same time.

It's from him where I got my confidence as a salesperson and making me muster the required skill set of leading a successful sales organization. I think it is just right for me to share it to everybody the knowledge and the experience I gained through the years of being into this profession called selling. I have been into this profession for over 12 years now and never did I think of leaving or venturing out of this.

In fact I even encourage any one to try it out. Ever wonder why?

A few advantages of belonging into the Sales Profession are as follows:
1.) Freedom of Expression - Freedom to be Yourself. Freedom to become Successful as you Like to be. There's No Income-Ceiling and nobody Limits your Income but you!

2.) It Takes a Low Capital Investment, with High Potential Return - How Little it Takes to Get into this Profession but with Tremendous Income Potential, with No Limits on Earnings.

3.) Its Self-Satisfying - You Feel Good seeing your Client Walked out with your Product.The Thrill of Having to Help People Achieve what they want in Life by Offering them your Product or your Service.
Of course there is a lot more reasons but I think that's the Top 3 on the List.

Some Thoughts to Ponder:
*Selling is a Daily Challenge - you don't know what will happen at the end of the day.
*You Grow in Direct Proportion with your Abilities & Skills. No one Limits your Growth but You! If you Want to Earn More, you Learn More, You Do More, and You're Paid for it.
*Successful Sales People who are Earning a lot More are Competent People who knew what they're Doing.
*There has never been a Great Salesperson Born Great! They're all been Trained Great!
*If its Not Fun, its Not Worth it. Life's Meant to be Fun! And Selling is Fun!

Happy Selling! ;D

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