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The Basics of Selling: Steps to become a Successful Sales Professional

The Basics of Selling: Steps to become a Successful Sales Professional

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  1. Prospecting 
  2. Making Contacts
  3. Qualification
  4. Presentation
  5. Handling Objections
  6. Closing
The above are the steps that each Sales Person must master for him to become a successful sales professional. Now what are they:

Step 1: Prospecting - this is the first step for you to have a sale. You have to identify who, be it a person, an organization or a company that you think needs your product or service.

Step 2: Making Contacts - after identifying who your market is (the prospects), you have to have the names, the contact numbers, the address (if possible) and identify the product or service that they are most interested in.

Step 3: Qualification - this is the process wherein you have to identify your prospect whether he or she is highly motivated to avail of your product. Also, this will be the step of identifying the prospect whether they really have the need or the demand (gap analysis) in which your product or service will help them address or solve a problem or fulfill a particular desire.

Step 4: Presentation Skills - An important skill set for a sales professional to master. It's where the beef is! The Make or Break Stage. Observe how the successful sales people do their presentation and you'll see why.

Step 5: Handling Objections - the more objection a Qualified Prospect have, the bigger the chance of knowing that indeed he or she is really interested in your product. The Challenge for you is on how to identify the top 3 Main Objections are and if you have satisfactorily addressed it, chances are you will most likely close the sale.

Step 6: Closing - the last step wherein you have finally made your Prospect to agree to a sale.

Understanding the basics guides you on how to become an effective Sales Professional. The challenge now is for you on how to master each of these steps. Hard-work is not enough. Mastering the Basics of Selling is Key.

Some Thoughts to Ponder:

*Professionals review the Basics once every year!
*You Earn an income in Direct Proportion to your skills.
*Usually, the problem with people is that they Stop Doing what they Did to get where they are today.

Happy Selling! ;D

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