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Steps to Learning: Habits Essential to Success!

Steps to Learning: Habits Essential to Success!

Successful people have this great interest at learning. Be it for something that is valuable to their career or profession - for them to update or hone their skills or be it as a necessity in order for their endeavors to succeed - like for their businesses or investments. Some also do it for pure passion - like hobbies and crafts.

On the contrary, average and mediocre people stop to learn new things. Thus being stuck and outdated. When time comes when new technologies or methodologies are being introduced, they find it hard to adopt and found themselves obsolete.

That is why in order for us to become successful, we should develop the habit of Learning. For us to be successful and efficient at it, we at Sales have to understand how to do it. Please find below the Steps to Learning: Habits Essential to Success. 

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Steps to Learning: Habits Essential to Success!

  1. Impact
  2. Repetition
  3. Utilization
  4. Internalization
  5. Re-enforcement
 1.) Impact! - something you have watched, heard, read, identified or stumbled upon on anything that caught your attention and is of a great interest or value to you (be it in the near-term or in the future).

2.) Repetition - as the cliche went "Repetition is the Mother of All Learning". 

According to Tom Hopkins - "Approach any material only once and it will have a Minor Effect on your Life & your Future.The second time, you'll start to Feel it. The third Time and you will say - I Now Grasped the Concept!". Once you have the Concept, it's Not Difficult to take the Idea anymore, making mastery at it and soon making it yours.

3.) Utilization - taking the Impact (the Idea, the Concept, the Knowledge), repeating it, mastering it and then going down into using it (Actual Application).
4.) Internalization - You repetitiously use the technique and perfecting it. You Internalized it until it Becomes You.

5.) Re-enforcement - Not forgetting the Basics. Back in my school days- I always heard my teacher says: Review! Always do some Review (at your lessons). Having the discipline - making yourself do what you don't want to do.

Some Thoughts to Ponder:

*The Pro every year goes back to basic. Just like the professional athlete wherein they spend most of their time doing and perfecting their craft.
*The more professional, the more talented, the more successful an athlete is, the more he spend his time doing practice! 

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