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Common Characteristics of a Champion Salesman

Common Characteristics of a Champion Salesman
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Mr. Tom Hopkins - the recognized American #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions (you may want to visit his bio here). The following are the common characteristics of a Champion Salesman:
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  • Appearance - a champion salesman is very concerned with their appearance, their grooming, their attire. They put more premium on their looks - like having a clean beard and a neat hair cut and invest on some of their valuable tools like car, cellphones, laptops, etc. 
  • Pride - they glow with confidence and pride. They possess tremendous amount of it not only for their profession in selling but as well as pride as a human being. A pride in the service that they render and the value of the products they offer. 
  • Confidence - you can feel the confidence these people radiate. Clearly a challenge for those people who are still new and are struggling to build one.
  • Warmth - they warmly, lovingly leads people. Not because they're warm and nice and cannot close the sale- of course not! They warmly, lovingly close the sale!
  • Self-assurance - a Champion Salesperson only looked for one person for their assurance and that is their Self. They realized that they're in a world where a lot of people really don't care. And for him to survive, is he have to make himself, his family, his loved-ones better thru this profession of selling. This is also what we call as Self-reliance.
  • A Champion is one who always wants to Win! To succeed, to make themselves better.

Thoughts to Ponder:
*People are being moved more by your belief, conviction, and the confidence you have in yourself, your product and your service.
*Some inexperienced sales people are too nice enough that they failed or finds it hard to close a sale.
*A Champion sales person doesn't have to be pushy but with warmth, he closes and leads them to a sale. He often uses techniques that are so strong but deliver with such warmth.

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