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Deconstructing a Pushy Salesperson

Deconstructing a Pushy Salesperson

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Old school sales person are those type of sales people who are very pushy with their products that they almost have to literally shove their products (if they can) up close to into your face! They almost always into hurrying up to close the sale with you that instead of getting to love the product - you are actually being repelled by their actions.

This is a No-No for an aspiring Sales Pro!

Probably, you are a pushy sales person too and you didn't know that.

A pushy salesperson most of the time tells their customers this (or probably similar to this):
  • This is the best product there is!
  • This is absolutely what you need! 
  • You should take advantage of this. 
  • You better hurry, promo is about to end, inventory is getting low! 
  • This is the best product available there is in the market today.
The above example all leads to a conclusion from the prospective buyer that the salesman benifits more than the buyer.

Things to Remember:
*A professional sales person doesn't tell people things but he can asks them.
*If I tell them things - they tend to doubt it, if I'll ask the right questions - they'll believe it. Or in other words- if I say it - they doubt it, if they say it - it's true.
*If you're just starting at sales - master the products first before finding the customers that needs it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:
*An average salesperson that is overwhelmed by their product - thinks that the best thing to do is to keep on talking and talking to a prospective customer and that its what all they have to do for them to make a sale.

Ponder this!
How many mouths do you have?
How many ears do you have?
A professional salesperson realizes that you have to use them according to its percentage.
You have to listen as twice as you need to talk.

Happy Selling!

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