Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Average, the Good and the Great (Salesman)

The Average, the Good, and the Great (Salesman)

I'd like to quote Mr. Tom Hopkins from his book "How to Master the Art of Selling Anything". There's a comparison there between the Average, the Good and the Great salesman.

The following are the qualities of a Great Salesman: 
  • Burning desire to Achieve!     
  • This is one thing that is hard to measure. If only there's a device that can measure a person's desire so that we could tell who will keep on moving, who will quit and when they give up then that would be great! Running a business wouldn't be that difficult. And we could have figured sooner and save a lot of our time.
  • They do what they fear most!
  • They learn what their fears are - they attack them, they overcome them, they are successful at them. Once they've done that, they've develop the confidence that they radiate from overcoming that fear.
  • They keep their Enthusiasm while they're failing.
    Some sales people are only good when things are good. A Great salesman no matter how bad the situation is - he never lost his enthusiasm. He never let himself be affected by the bad events that turn out in his life. He remains to be happy, excited about life, radiate with positivity. Usually, what he does is he will identify the problem, tries to solve it, take care of it and move on. Still keeping the enthusiasm even though at times he failed.
  • They Love people.
    They have love-affair of the people they serve and that's why they take lots and lots of referrals. They enjoy meeting new people building lots of contacts and expanding their network.
  • They don't take Rejections personally.
  • They knew that the customer or the prospect rejected the product, the price, the service, the company but not themselves. It has never been personal to them.
  • They Invest in their Education and are Students of Techniques. 
  • Every great sales person, every great companies - they share a common characteristic - of believing in education. They tried to have their people to attend to seminars, encourage to read books, suggests to listen to audio recordings, etc. All in the name of education, acquiring new skills, getting updated. Thus, keeping their mind sharp.
 Points to Ponder:
*Only you personally can measure your desire - and you can do that by asking yourself this question: "How much pain can I handle until I quit?"
*We want to change our environment, and the way we change our environment is by changing the inner state of our mind.
*You put finer things in your mind and the finer things will gravitate towards you.
*Empty the coins in the purse of your mind and your mind will fill your purse with coins      - Benjamin Franklin

Happy Selling!

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